At Global Innovative Solutions, our customers come to us to help them solve problems. Problems involving Processes, involving Automation or involving Workflow. Our team brings the experience to ask the right questions to help form the best solution, a unique solution for your unique problem. To make better decisions, faster, you need to integrate all your vital business information. That’s where the right Technology Solution Partner comes in. Our experiences span multiple industries including Healthcare, Financial Modeling and Telecommunications.

Health Care


We provide Data Analytics to healthcare employers, consultants, brokers, and third party administrators which allow them to more effectively manage their healthcare costs.

We understand the unique qualities of healthcare data. Whether its using the ICD9/ICD10 codes and CPT’s for Plan Modeling & Validation or capturing Claims Data for customized Online Applications. You can be confident that the consultants at GIS are experts at:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing

Our specialty is collecting disparate data and integrating it into useful information.

Financial Modeling


For nearly two decades the principals at GIS have built a team of industry experienced consultants strong in both Financial Data and Technology. We have leveraged our team’s experience to build:

  • Equity Valuation Models
  • Screening Tools
  • Portfolio Attribution
  • Portfolio Accounting Integration
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • FIX integration
  • Backtesting



Our team can identify strategies to better leverage today’s telecom technology and services for improved business productivity, control, and staff efficiencies.

We will utilize your data to build custom applications including:

  • Managing the Process of Circuit Provisioning
  • Leased Call Routing Optimization
  • Telecommunications Billing System
  • LERG Database Integration
  • Rate Deck Generation
  • Billing Reconciliation